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Line Rider 2: Unbound

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Line Rider 2: Unbound
PC Game | Category: Classics/Puzzles | 732.5 MB

In Line Rider 2: Unbound, the sled-stealing scumbag Chaz is up to no good and only you, as the clever and cunning Bosh, can defeat him. For Bosh to save his true love Bailey, players must complete tracks in over 40 mind-bending puzzles created by the #1 Line Rider player in the world, TechDawg. Players can also create their own puzzles and story-telling masterpieces and share them on the Internet. The possibilities are limited only by physics and your imagination...providing endless hours of creative play!

* New Characters: Bosh is joined by his true love Bailey and his arch-nemesis Chaz
* Story mode: Bosh vs. Chaz to get the best sled...and Bailey's love...with over 40 mind-bending puzzle tracks designed by TechDawg
* Puzzle Creation mode: design your own twisted puzzles for the world to solve
* Freestyle mode: the classic way to create your own masterpieces with cool tricks and sound effects
* Track Upload and Movie Output features enable track and puzzle sharing amongst Line Rider community
* New, easy and intuitive user interface
* Players can upload and download user generated clip art, tracks, puzzles and font through their own personal Line Rider page with full Internet support
* New line types, including acceleration and deceleration lines, scenery lines, trampoline lines, trick lines, trap door lines and specially animated finish lines
* Special features include a Pixel Perfect Eraser, Flag Markers for saving progress, Clip Art to help build tracks and scenery and Real Time Draw Mode
* Library of Sound and Visual Effects brings Bosh and the tracks to life by enabling players to feel the effects of the course through Bosh’s emotions
* Players can make creations with multiple Line Riders on the same track
* Supports PC Tablet

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[PC] Memento Mori [2009]

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Developer: Centauri Production/ Cinemax
Publisher: dtp entertainment
Got Game Entertainment (N. America)
Genre: Mystery-Adventure
Release Date: July 2009 (N. America)
In the famous Hermitage Museum of St. Petersburg, a precious painting is replaced with a near-perfect copy. At first glance it looks like just another art theft -- but is there more than meets the eye? Join an investigation that will find you on a trail of clues across Europe and into a secret world of art and obsession!

In this spine-tingling adventure, you must help Max, a reformed art forger, and Lara, the ambitious detective with Interpol who gave Max his second chance, in solving the mystery behind a rash of museum thefts. As your investigation deepens, you are drawn into a web of intrigue spun by an ancient Order obsessed with the 15th Century Latin work, "Ars Moriendi" or the "Art of Dying". And you may discover that when the powerful worlds of art and religion collide -- the result can be murder!

In advance of a new trailer next week, and the game’s North American retail release the following, Got Game Entertainment today released 6 new screenshots from “Memento Mori” (PC), the upcoming mystery-adventure that takes players on a thrilling investigation through 46 locations across five European countries. Join Interpol detective Lara Svetlova and reformed art thief Max Durand as they travel to France, Russia, Scotland, Portugal and Finland to unveil the truth behind a mysterious art theft at the famed Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. From the museum, including the Winter Palace, modeled in every detail after the originals, to an innovative and comfortable dialogue system and immersive 3D aspects, “Memento Mori” promises the ultimate summer adventure.

About the “Memento Mori” dialogue system
The dialogue system in “Memento Mori” puts an end to reading vast multiple choice answers and listening to the same text again. When the main characters Max and Lara are talking, the player makes them speak just by clicking easy-to-use symbols. The player can choose from three icons for a positive and polite answer, a negative or aggressive reply, or for Max or Lara to ask a question to their counterpart to get helpful hints.

About 3D “Memento Mori”
The game’s proprietary 3D-engine ensures that candles and fireplaces illuminate the locations with a warm glow, while the investigation of the museum at night brings dynamic shadows and subtle use of light to create a dark and menacing atmosphere. Further, the developers have cunningly woven the third dimension into the puzzle design. In particularly important settings, the game switches to a close-up view. Via two arrows at the bottom of the screen, the scenery can be rotated 360°. By gaining new perspectives, Lara and Max are able to discover objects and traces that were formerly hidden.

Another essential part of the puzzle solving is the 3D inventory. All objects can be turned around and examined from the front, back and side. Players can even turn notepads and newspapers over and read them. Radios, calculators, and even gas chromatographs used for examining artworks can be studied from all sides. Thanks to its 3D graphics “Memento Mori” uses a cinematic style. Cuts and changes in perspective during dialogues create lively and movie-like conversations. Important actions of Max and Lara are shown in close-ups via split screens. Every move of the main characters is individually animated – from rummaging for a mobile phone to tying a knot. Players can also look forward to 40 high quality render videos pushing the story forward to the thrilling climax.