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Line Rider 2: Unbound

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Line Rider 2: Unbound
PC Game | Category: Classics/Puzzles | 732.5 MB

In Line Rider 2: Unbound, the sled-stealing scumbag Chaz is up to no good and only you, as the clever and cunning Bosh, can defeat him. For Bosh to save his true love Bailey, players must complete tracks in over 40 mind-bending puzzles created by the #1 Line Rider player in the world, TechDawg. Players can also create their own puzzles and story-telling masterpieces and share them on the Internet. The possibilities are limited only by physics and your imagination...providing endless hours of creative play!

* New Characters: Bosh is joined by his true love Bailey and his arch-nemesis Chaz
* Story mode: Bosh vs. Chaz to get the best sled...and Bailey's love...with over 40 mind-bending puzzle tracks designed by TechDawg
* Puzzle Creation mode: design your own twisted puzzles for the world to solve
* Freestyle mode: the classic way to create your own masterpieces with cool tricks and sound effects
* Track Upload and Movie Output features enable track and puzzle sharing amongst Line Rider community
* New, easy and intuitive user interface
* Players can upload and download user generated clip art, tracks, puzzles and font through their own personal Line Rider page with full Internet support
* New line types, including acceleration and deceleration lines, scenery lines, trampoline lines, trick lines, trap door lines and specially animated finish lines
* Special features include a Pixel Perfect Eraser, Flag Markers for saving progress, Clip Art to help build tracks and scenery and Real Time Draw Mode
* Library of Sound and Visual Effects brings Bosh and the tracks to life by enabling players to feel the effects of the course through Bosh’s emotions
* Players can make creations with multiple Line Riders on the same track
* Supports PC Tablet

More Information: Please Visit product page

[PC] Memento Mori [2009]

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Developer: Centauri Production/ Cinemax
Publisher: dtp entertainment
Got Game Entertainment (N. America)
Genre: Mystery-Adventure
Release Date: July 2009 (N. America)
In the famous Hermitage Museum of St. Petersburg, a precious painting is replaced with a near-perfect copy. At first glance it looks like just another art theft -- but is there more than meets the eye? Join an investigation that will find you on a trail of clues across Europe and into a secret world of art and obsession!

In this spine-tingling adventure, you must help Max, a reformed art forger, and Lara, the ambitious detective with Interpol who gave Max his second chance, in solving the mystery behind a rash of museum thefts. As your investigation deepens, you are drawn into a web of intrigue spun by an ancient Order obsessed with the 15th Century Latin work, "Ars Moriendi" or the "Art of Dying". And you may discover that when the powerful worlds of art and religion collide -- the result can be murder!

In advance of a new trailer next week, and the game’s North American retail release the following, Got Game Entertainment today released 6 new screenshots from “Memento Mori” (PC), the upcoming mystery-adventure that takes players on a thrilling investigation through 46 locations across five European countries. Join Interpol detective Lara Svetlova and reformed art thief Max Durand as they travel to France, Russia, Scotland, Portugal and Finland to unveil the truth behind a mysterious art theft at the famed Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. From the museum, including the Winter Palace, modeled in every detail after the originals, to an innovative and comfortable dialogue system and immersive 3D aspects, “Memento Mori” promises the ultimate summer adventure.

About the “Memento Mori” dialogue system
The dialogue system in “Memento Mori” puts an end to reading vast multiple choice answers and listening to the same text again. When the main characters Max and Lara are talking, the player makes them speak just by clicking easy-to-use symbols. The player can choose from three icons for a positive and polite answer, a negative or aggressive reply, or for Max or Lara to ask a question to their counterpart to get helpful hints.

About 3D “Memento Mori”
The game’s proprietary 3D-engine ensures that candles and fireplaces illuminate the locations with a warm glow, while the investigation of the museum at night brings dynamic shadows and subtle use of light to create a dark and menacing atmosphere. Further, the developers have cunningly woven the third dimension into the puzzle design. In particularly important settings, the game switches to a close-up view. Via two arrows at the bottom of the screen, the scenery can be rotated 360°. By gaining new perspectives, Lara and Max are able to discover objects and traces that were formerly hidden.

Another essential part of the puzzle solving is the 3D inventory. All objects can be turned around and examined from the front, back and side. Players can even turn notepads and newspapers over and read them. Radios, calculators, and even gas chromatographs used for examining artworks can be studied from all sides. Thanks to its 3D graphics “Memento Mori” uses a cinematic style. Cuts and changes in perspective during dialogues create lively and movie-like conversations. Important actions of Max and Lara are shown in close-ups via split screens. Every move of the main characters is individually animated – from rummaging for a mobile phone to tying a knot. Players can also look forward to 40 high quality render videos pushing the story forward to the thrilling climax.


Up (ENG/2009) [PC]

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Up (ENG/2009) | PC Game | 1.6 GB

Release Date: May 26, 2009
Game genre: Adventure
Publisher: THQ
Language: English

Game description:
Wonderful characters and unusual stories - this is what we love cartoons from the Disney Pixar. «Monsters Inc.», «In search of Nemo», «VALLEE AND» become a real masterpiece of modern animation. Time after time they gather in movie theaters, millions of viewers, have happiness and joy in every house. Then came a moment, which all have been waiting for. New cartoon «Up» is ready to win the love of the audience and collect the huge box office. But at the same time became available and a great computer game!

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Renault Truck Racing (2009/ENG)

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Renault Truck Racing (2009/ENG)
Genre: Racing | Platform: PC | Developer: Game Seed | Publisher: Renault Trucks | Size : 233MB

Truck racing is a form of motor racing which involves modified versions of heavy tractor units on racing circuits.

The sport started in Europe over twenty years ago and enjoyed great success, but declined in the 1990s. However, in the last few years the profile of truck racing has increased, and currently over 30 teams regularly compete. The sporting regulations came under the control of the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) later, to ensure that the vehicles conform to the layout and original style of the truck, whilst defining the safety standards required to race.
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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009/ENG/Repack)

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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009/ENG/Repack)

Based on Hasbro’s legendary Transformers property and one of the most anticipated films of 2009 from Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks pictures, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen thrusts players into a battle for supremacy across the globe as either Autobots or Decepticons to drive, fly, fight and blast their way through intense, pressure-packed levels. Delivering extensive control, gamers can select from the largest, most diverse range of playable Transformers ever – each with distinct personalities, abilities and weaponry – and jump straight into action as they instantly switch between robot, vehicle and weapon modes to fight for the preservation or annihilation of all mankind. In addition, for the first time in the Transformers universe, players can also fight the epic war between Autobots and Decepticons online in explosive multiplayer combat.

Minimum System Requirements:
• Intel® Pentium® 4, AMD Athlon™ 64 processor, 2.4 ГГц
• Windows XP, Windows Vista
• 1 GB RAM
• 8 GB Hard Drive Space
• NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or ATI 9800 Pro video card

Repack futures:
- video compressed to 40/60%
-running from desktop
- only english
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Yu Gi Oh! | Complete Collection

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Yu Gi Oh! | Complete Collection | 1.02GB

Yu Gi Oh! - Yugi The Destiny
Yu Gi Oh! - Kaiba The Revenge
Yu Gi Oh! - Joey The Passion

Yu Gi Oh! - Yugi The Destiny

Yu Gi Oh! - Kaiba The Revenge

Yu Gi Oh! - Joey The Passion

G-Force-[RiP] Only 624 MB

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G-Force | 2009 | PC | UD - Rs link | 624 Mb
Release: 2009,
Genre: Arcade / 3D / 3rd Person
Developer: Eurocom
Language: Mutil3
Size: 624 Mb

The G-Force, a group of highly-trained covert guinea pig spy agents, is the only team that can save the world from an evil billionaire and his army of robot appliances. Based on the 2009 Walt Disney Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer Films movie, G-Force is an action-packed platformer that puts you in control of Darwin, the G-Force team leader, and his housefly surveillance sidekick Mooch. Use awesome high-tech gadgets and stealth strategy as you team up with the other G-Force agents to complete your exciting mission.


* Battle an army of evil robots with cool weapons and high-tech gadgets not seen in the movie

* Play as Darwin, the leader of the G-Force, and Mooch, your housefly commando sidekick

* Fast-paced, Bruckheimer-style action and combat

* Turn enemies into allies with the Saber micro-chip implanting technology

* Blast your way through action-packed levels in the G-Force Rapid Deployment Vehicle

* Experience parts of the game in astounding 3D!


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Diego's Rescue Adventure 3-D

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Meet Dora the Explorer’s cousin, Diego, and rescue baby animals!


Can your kids help Dora’s cousin Diego find and rescue the baby tapirs, jaguars, and bears? They’ll need to explore the rain forest and the South Pole, too!

Full Version Advantages:
Play with Dora’s cousin Diego
You set the difficulty level
Choose your adventure
Teaches kids about animals
Full-screen play

System Requirements:
Windows XP
400 Mhz or faster processor
64 Mb RAM

Just install and play!
Visit us
Best Regard Luis!!


Monster Truck Challenge

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Monster Truck Challenge Download Free Game

Monster trucks, speed boosts and crazy levels! You have to complete various challenging levels and win gold medal.



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ARMA 2 [2009/RELOADED] | PC Game | Genre: Action / RTS
Developer: Bohemia | Publisher: Peter Games | Language: English

Deysvtie game ARMA 2 spread in 2009, in the fictional state Chernarus, formerly part of the Soviet Union. For two years, where civil war. You'll be playing for the leader of the reconnaissance group of marines United States. You, along with his squad going into Chernarus to prevent further civilian casualties and ensure stability in the country.

The developers promise fighting close to reality, a dynamic plot, elements of RPG, more than 50 weapons and vehicles, the editor for the creation of missions, large maps for multiplayer battles supporting more than 50 players, etc.

• Gorgeous graphics era of next-gen
• A detailed physical model, taking into account the laws of ballistics and sopromata
• A fascinating and topical story, unexpected turns of the game stories
• Advanced ability to manage resources
• Expanding and deepening the RPG-elements
• A new system of dynamic (dynamic conversation system)
• Unique military artificial intelligence algorithm
• More than 50 samples of moving equipment and weapons
• 50 players and large-scale maps online
• Built a multi-mission editor

Instructions for Windows 7:
0. We put Windows 7
1. Mount image in Daemon Tools 4.30.04
2. Install the game using the key G049-HT8GW-FK40Z-GCHDX-1H749
3. We put a patch 1.01
4. For anglofikatsii game copy files from the archive EnglishLanguage a folder with the game
5. Mount mini image in Daemon Tools 4.30.04
6. Yasu 1.6.9040 Copy the folder with Daemon Tools 4.30.04
7. Run Yasu and click Cloack (not close Yasu)
8. Go to dispecher tasks, the Processes tab, find the process Yasu.exe, click "End Process" and confirm
9. Play!

ArmA 2 (PC)

ArmA 2 (PC)

ArmA 2 (PC)

ArmA 2 (PC)

ArmA 2 (PC)

System Requirements:
• Operating system: Windows XP Sp2 / Vista
• Processor: Quad Core CPU
• RAM: 1 GB
• Place on the hard disk: 8 GB
• Sound device: compatible with DirectX
• Video: level GeForce 8800 with support for shader 3 with 512 MB of memory


Mini Gamez Collection 11

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Mini Gamez Collection 11
Mini Gamez 11

Lots of mini games for you and your family.
Have fun!

Mini Gamez Collection 11
Youda Farmer [FINAL]
Mini Gamez Collection 11
Do you want to experience some country life,Then here is Youda Farmer! Run your farm, grow your crops and provide all shops with the supplies they need. It?s up to you to keep all retailers in this little village happy with your beautiful farm product.
You start off with a little farm providing the baker of his flour to make bread for the villagers. During the game you can upgrade your farm with a chicken coop, stables for your pigs and sheep, fields to grow your tomatoes, grapes, potatoes and vegetables and a pond for your fish. Doing well, more retailers will order your products, expand their business and consequently need more supplies. You are in charge to pick up the right products and deliver them in time.
Grow wheat, tomatoes, potatoes and grapes, take care of your cattle and catch your fish. Visit the butcher, the (green)grocer, the tailor or the fish shop to deliver your products. Selling more of your products and earning bonuses make it possible to upgrade your farm with new machinery or storage room to increase your productivity. Food prosessor to feed your animals faster, a compost grinder to speed up the growing of your crops, hay stacks, water towers and so on!
The villagers do work hard, but once in a while they are up for big harvest parties! While doing your business, make sure you pick up the party products to give these people the entertainment they need!
Enjoy the fun of numerous combo?s, upgrades and specials in this addictive and beautifully designed farm game!
Mini Gamez Collection 11
Youda Farmer offers you:
- Beautiful designs and addictive game play
- A beautiful map with an overview of the village and your farm yard
- Lots of crops to grow and upgrades to choose
- Challenging levels and bonus games
- A variety of combo?s and bonuses to enjoy an extra set of challenges!
- Many hours of fun playing!

Mini Gamez Collection 11
Legend Zelda Majora's Mask
Majora's Mask is the sixth installment in The Legend of Zelda series and the second with 3D.
The game is set in Termina, where the Skull Kid has stolen Majora's Mask.
Under the influence of this evil artifact, the Skull Kid causes the moon to head towards Termina, where it will crash in three days.
Songs control the flow of time and open passages to the four temples that Link must complete.
Link's main weapon is the sword, which can be upgraded throughout the game.
Other weapons and items are available?Link can stun enemies with Deku Nuts, attack with a bow and arrows, block or reflect attacks with a shield, destroy obstacles and damage enemies with bombs, and latch onto objects or enemies with the Hookshot.
Magic power allows attacks such as magical arrows or spin attacks, or the use of special items.
Majora's Mask has twenty-four masks, eight of which are required to advance the story.
Link can transform at will into different creatures: the Deku Mask transforms Link into a Deku Scrub, the Goron Mask into a Goron, and the Zora Mask into a Zora.
Each form features unique abilities: Deku Link can perform a spin attack, shoot bubbles from his mouth, skip on water, and fly for a short time by launching from Deku Flowers; Goron Link can roll at high speeds, punch with deadly force, stomp the ground with his massive body, walk in lava without taking damage, and weigh down heavy switches; Zora Link can swim rapidly, throw boomerang-like fins from his arms, generate a force field, and walk on the bottoms of bodies of water. Many areas can be accessed only by use of these abilities.
Mini Gamez Collection 11
Mini Gamez Collection 11
Mini Gamez Collection 11

Mini Gamez Collection 11
Baby Blimp
As we all know babies are delivered by storks! They work in a huge Blimp floating around in the sky.
Youda Baby Blimp is a highly addictive Priority management game. You are the stork manager, you are in control and you are responsible. Keep track of your achievements on a map that shows you your upcoming as well as your overall objectives. During the course of this game you will be able to upgrade your storks. You can strengthen them or increase their speed. Collect all the bonuses: the twin bonus and even the quadruplet bonus. It might even get you into the headlines of tomorrows paper!
The Baby blimp is a way up in the sky. It is run and operated by storks. As we all know they are the ones that deliver babies. Firstly they prepare the babies, so that the newborns will arrive neat and clean at their new parents. After preparation Storks deliver the babies to each family with a wish for a baby.
There is a special air force that handles the delivery. As it happens the Stork in charge has retired and the factory is without guidance. Its up to you to assign the storks to their everyday tasks and make sure that all babies are delivered according to the wishes.
While you are doing so you can make many different types of combos to earn more points. But there is more you can also climb in rank by making combos in the delivery force.
all you will be able to handle the baby boom so well that you will get some Stork lifetime achievements, trophies and rewards!
Mini Gamez Collection 11

Mini Gamez Collection 11
Super Doggy
Mini Gamez Collection 11
Super doggy needs to use his super powers to save the puppies
from the evil Lord Claw.
Your kid is gonna love it. . .
Mini Gamez Collection 11

Mini Gamez Collection 11
Farm Frenzy - Pizza Party! (Final)
Pizza lovers unite! It's time to return to the farm to create your favorite food! You'll start out by growing grass, feeding animals and collecting produce, and then you'll turn your goods into the ingredients you need to make different pizzas. From China to Germany and from Italy to new york -- where pizza is considered one of the main food groups -- your mouth-watering creations will be enjoyed around the world!
As you strive to master the fast-paced point-and-click gameplay, you'll fend off bears, purchase buildings that produce different ingredients and upgrade your vehicles so you can transport more goods. You'll also enjoy some of the zaniest animations and best hidden gags ever conceived! Don't miss all the fun in Farm Frenzy: Pizza Party!
Mini Gamez Collection 11
* 90 levels
* Ten animals
* 28 goods to produce
* 15 buildings
* Upgradeable truck and plane
* Unlimited game time
* Full customer support
* Free upgrades to new versions

Mini Gamez Collection 11
Wonder pets: Save The Puppy
Puppy's family is out and Puppy must get out of the house pronto to pee! Never fear, the Wonder Pets are here! First on the agenda, get the puppy out of the house to pee! Then, with the player's help, our cute heroes and their even cuter friend, Puppy, will spend a memorable time playing together in the backyard.
Mini Gamez Collection 11
* Family friendly fun.
* Color and print pages.
* Join the Wonder Pets!

Mini Gamez Collection 11
Curl Rush
Help Curl swing through these danger-filled worlds.
Another game for your kids.
Mini Gamez Collection 11

Mini Gamez Collection 11
Go-Go Gourmet 2 Chef of the Year
Mini Gamez Collection 11
Go-Go Gourmet?s innovative gameplay mash-up of hidden object and time-management is back with Go-Go Gourmet: Chef of the Year! Follow Ginger as she competes against seven world-class chefs through seven different countries, in a hilarious bid for first place in the ?Chef of the Year? contest. Unlock and unleash new features: Power-ups, custom outfits, and seven printable recipes! Will you savor the flavor of victory or the bitter taste of 4th place? Rev your oven and find out in Go-Go Gourmet: Chef of the Year!
Mini Gamez Collection 11

Mini Gamez Collection 11
Green Valley - Fun on the Farm (Final)
Little Beetle Bug has inherited a farm! And guess what? The supposed cottage turns out to be more of a rundown shack. But no worries, you can turn things around with a little determination. Collect fruit and resources to build up your farm in the games 80 levels, shear sheep to collect extra and always keep an eye on your harvesting crates. So roll up your sleeves and bring in the harvest playing the most agricultural puzzle game of all times!
Mini Gamez Collection 11
Key Game Features
- 80 levels of drag-to-match puzzle fun
- 20 Bonus level, including a sheep shearing frenzy
- 22 different in game objects
- The farm grows as you progress
- Yummy 3D graphics!
- Rewarding sound effects
- Goofy storyline

Mini Gamez Collection 11
Totem Tribe
Build your own tribe, raise settlements and solve ancient mysteries in this intuitive and engaging simulation As you protect your settlements and grow your tribe, new islands and secret areas appear. Can you find the lair of the treacherous Dragon and rescue the Princess?
Mini Gamez Collection 11
Mini Gamez Collection 11

Mini Gamez Collection 11
Treasures of the Deep
Explore amazing and miraculous underwater world full of treasures in this gorgeous 3D
brick-breaking adventure. 113 animated levels are waiting for you, full with treasures and jewels
to collect. Every level is unique in its shape and solution style. Game is created in brilliant
3D with variety of special effects. During gameplay you will enjoy manifold underwater landscapes
inhabited by more than 20 fish species and great variety of marine vegetation. 3 levels of
difficulty will ensure pleasing pastime as for newbies, as for advanced players.
Mini Gamez Collection 11


Mini Gamez Collection 11
Tropical : Underwater Odyssey v1.0.0 (Final)
Tropical Dream: Underwater Odyssey is an inspiring story about a girl named Megan who wants to change her life. She?s had enough of living in a busy metropolis and decides to make the bold move; buy an old house from a Tropical Island. Well, nothing in life ever goes as planned? the house she just bought has seen its better days. Megan is about to give up when she gets the idea which is about to change her life: underwater pictures! Help Megan dive into the tropical waters and make her dream come true!
Mini Gamez Collection 11
Mini Gamez Collection 11
Mini Gamez Collection 11
? Impressive graphics
? A startling variety of fish
? Over 70 levels of underwater fun + 2 mini-games
? Item upgrades and hidden items

Mini Gamez Collection 11
Cooking Academy 2 v1.0 [FINAL]
Mini Gamez Collection 11
Enter a world of culinary delights as you prepare 60 different recipes from 8 different countries! Master all new mini-games, inlcuding food processors, mixers, raiding the fridge and more! Test great cooks from all ages.
Mini Gamez Collection 11
Mini Gamez Collection 11
Mini Gamez Collection 11

Mini Gamez Collection 11
Super Jigsaw Beach Holiday II
Send your brain on vacation with this gorgeous collection of jigsaws featuring warm sand, turquoise waves, fragrant flowers and more. With more than 500 pieces, your choice of shapes, and 50 soothing images from around the world, the possibilities are endless. Relaxing, stunning, and full of family fun, Super Jigsaw Beach Holiday 2 is the perfect puzzle escape.
Mini Gamez Collection 11

Mini Gamez Collection 11
Mickey Saves The Day
Mickey Saves the Day is an adventure game, with 3D characters against
2D-rendered backgrounds, for children, designed by David Grossman and Casey
Donahue Ackley of LucasArts adventure fame. Players can choose to be Mickey or
Minnie Mouse and many Disney characters make an appearance, such as Goofy,
Donald and Daisy Duck, Pluto and Ludwig von Drake.
Mini Gamez Collection 11
System Requirements:
Windows 95/98/Me: Pentium 233 or faster, 8X CD-ROM drive, 32 MB RAM, 100 MB free
hard disk space, 16 bit DirectX compatible sound card, SVGA monitor, 640x480
16bit color DirectX compatible 2MB color video card, Quicktime 4.1.2.
Mini Gamez Collection 11
Mini Gamez Collection 11

Mini Gamez Collection 11
Dream Vacation Solitaire
Take your dream vacation, sailing from one beautiful location to the next as you play solitaire for points and prizes. Interactive tutorials give you a refresher course on old favorites like Klondike and FreeCell, as well as show you how to play games you may not have seen before. Dream Vacation Solitaire features more than 30 games including: Sea Towers, Grandfather, Old Clock, Scorpion, Big Forty, Easthaven, and Blind Alleys. Making matches and combinations gives you access to power moves that let you clear the boards with ease. And if you do well enough, you'll earn medals, trophies, and even new yachts to sail to the next vacation paradise!
Mini Gamez Collection 11
35 levels in 5 environments
Bonus power-ups and combos
Earn medals, trophies, and new yachts
Soothing music and animated backgrounds
Interactive instructions
System Requirements:
OS: Windows ME/2000/XP/VISTA
CPU: 600MHz or faster Processor
RAM: 128 MB